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 "One Family, One Mission"

Registration is now open for Spring Baseball and Softball. 
New to UAA this Spring Season, Flag Football.  Registration is also open for this exciting addition!!

Please email pictures from the 2017 season to: [email protected]

Congratulations to Myles Pelonero & Eli Williams for winning
1st and 2nd place,respectively, in their weight classes at the
State Championship on 3/10/2018.

"There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life" - Sister Mary Rose McGready

2017 Fall Rookies Team

So proud of our 2017 Rookies Baseball Team.  For some of these players, this was their first experience on the field and at the plate.  It was a great season by all.  Thank you to all the parents, coaches, and players that made this a great season.  Looking forward to the 2018 Spring Season to begin soon!!!

Congratulations to our 6th-8th grade Football Team. A great win over Cannon School to finish the 2017 season.
      Way to go Cardinals!!  We are so proud of you.

UAA proudly supports all student athletes and the championship lives they are building. 

Not only on the field, court, and classroom but in their communities and in their character.  

We challenge each of you to continue to be an example to OUR student athletes.

To Be Cardinals!

Miss and Mister Union Academy 2016-17 Winners

The Miss and Mister Union Academy All-Around Event is held each October at the Upper Campus.  Winners participate in local Christmas parades and other community engagements.  Age categories begin at 3 years and continue through to current seniors at Union Academy.  

Miss Union Academy and Miss Senior both receive scholarships that are awarded to their college or university of choice.  

Mister Union Academy receives a cash prize that is used for post secondary educational expenses.  

In 2017, as in previous years, winners made immediate impacts in their communities, by contributing their time and resources to local service projects, mentoring programs, and speaking events.

Miss Union Academy 2016-17 

Kiersten Laney

Attending Gardner Webb University

Miss Senior 2016-17 Autumn Richard

                              Attending Anderson University

Mister Union Academy 2016-17 

Aaron Horner

                                  Attending Wingate University

Work for a cause, not for applause.

Live life to express, not to impress.


9U Union County All-Stars 

2017 Champions

A big congratulations to UAA's 9U All Stars.  They are the overall winners of the Union County 2016-17 season.  We are so proud to celebrate their success, as they end a season with ZERO losses.  This is the first team in UAA history to achieve such an accomplishment.

9U Boys:  Everett Wease, Miles McGinnis, Aidan Scruitsky, Heath Lansford, Anthony  Beardsley, Caleb Ballard, Jordan Young, 

Sam Additon, Dhruv Srinivasan

Coaches:  Chris Wease & Gary Scruitsky

8U Union County Girls Basketball  

All-Stars 2017

Congratulations to the Union Athletic Association 8U Girls Basketball team on their 2nd place finish in the Union County All-Star Tournament.

8U Girls:  Skylar Shaw, Emma Stewart, Sade Robinson, Avery Hoffman, Grayson Moss, Joelia Thomas, Peyton St.Clair

Coaches:  TJ Starling & Justin Hoffman

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