Union Athletic Association
"One Family, One Mission"

Union Athletic Association
"One Family, One Mission"

Please read and sign the Parent Code of Conduct above and return prior to the 
first meet date.

2023 Track Commissioner - Nikki Young - nikkiyoung00@gmail.com

Contact any UAA Board member with questions at unionathletic@gmail.com

Track & Field Cost:  $50 (includes shirt)

Ages groups as follows:  5 to 6, 7 to 9, 10 to 13

                          Meet Dates

Track schedule will be available as soon as dates are confirmed.

Practices are held in the evenings during the week.  There will be three meets held on Saturdays at each associations home track.

If you are interested in coaching for UAA, please fill out a coaches application and email it back to unionathletic@gmail.com.