Union Athletic Association
"One Family, One Mission"

"One Family, One Mission"

Registration for Spring Sports, including baseball, softball and track, is
Please log in below or create your account to register.  Teams include Wee Ball - Majors,
8U, 10U, and 12U softball, and K-5th grade track.


2018 Softball Commissioner:  Greg Gregory


Softball Sport Fee                                               $125

(includes uniform, umpires & field rental)

**Please email pictures from the 2018-19 seasons to: unionathletic@gmail.com

Watch this inspirational video that shows the true reason we as an association are working on developing character through athletic events.  Teammates carrying a player to fulfill her dream of hitting a home run at the collegiate level. Together as players, parents, coaches, and people we all can make a difference.  Go Cardinals!!