Union Athletic Association
"One Family, One Mission"

Union Athletic Association
"One Family, One Mission"


Spring 2023 Baseball Registration is Open


Baseball Sport Fee                                  

(includes uniform, umpire & field rental)     

T-ball (ages 5 to 6)                  $110

Rookies (ages 7 to 8)              $150

Minors (ages 9 to 10)              $160

Majors (ages 11 to 12)             $160

2022-23 Baseball Commissioner - 

James Chaffin


If you are interested in coaching for UAA, please fill out a coaches application and email it to unionathletic@gmail.com.

"Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again. That's the way life is, with a new game every day, and that's the way baseball is."              - Bullet Bob Feller
Updated Bat Rules
Cal Ripken Baseball Division - All non-wood bats must have USA Bat Marking. Barrel Maximum 2 5/8". 
                                                   - No BBCOR Bats are permitted in the Cal Ripken Division. 

T-Ball - Bats must be marked with USA Bat T-Ball Stamp
Babe Ruth 13-15 Division - All non-wood bats must have the USABat Marking or marked BBCOR .50. Bat Barrel - 2 5/8".
Babe Ruth 16-18 Division - All non-wood bats must be BBCOR .50 and no greater than -3. Bat Barrel - 2 5/8".

Note: Solid one piece wood bats are permitted for use in all divisions and must conform to Rule 1.10. No laminated or experimental bats shall be used in a game.
Tampering or altering bats may violate certain federal and state laws and voids the USA Baseball certification, as well as all manufacturer warranties. Rolling is considered tampering and would void the bat’s certification and make it illegal for play.