Union Athletic Association

 "One Family, One Mission"

"There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life" 
- Sister Mary Rose McGready

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Connor Bradley and Jordan Young will be representing UA in the Elite Middle School All Star Game on tomorrow in Charlotte. Jordan Young was selected for the 6th Grade team and Connor Bradley was selected for 8th Grade team. Games will be held at Charlotte Christian School. Jordan plays at 9am and Connor plays at 1pm. 

Way to go Cardinals!!
Please email pictures from the 2018-19 seasons to: unionathletic@gmail.com

Some of the MIss UA Winners beginning the holiday season at the Monroe Christmas Parade on Sunday, November 18th, 2018.

So proud of each of you!!

Miss Union Academy 2018-19 Emma Munday 

The 5th Annual 2018-19 Miss/Mr. Union Academy was held on 

Saturday, 10/13/18.

Emma Munday was named Miss Union Academy.  Emma will be attending Columbia International University 

to pursue her higher education while continuing to play volleyball.  

Lauren Watkins was named Miss Senior.  

Other winners include:  

Miss Junior - Kaitlin Hord, Miss Sophomore - Meghan Hannan

Miss Freshman - Charlotte Griffin, Teen Miss - Tara Noblet

Junior Miss - Peyton Kohnle, Little Miss - Ainsley Mills

Tiny Miss - Ansley Frashier, Mr. Union Academy - Brandon McCrorey


One of UAA's Fall 2018 T-ball Teams celebrating Halloween.
Having a little fun while still being on the field!!

2018 6th-8th Football

2018 6th-8th Football Cheer

2018 3rd-5th Football

2018 3rd-5th Football Cheer

UAA proudly supports all student athletes and the championship lives they are building. 

Not only on the field, court, and in the classroom but in their communities and in their character.  

We challenge each of you to continue to be an example to OUR student athletes.... to be proud 

  Union Academy Cardinals!